If you’d like to become a member of S.D.V. Chassé you can subscribe for our association by following this link and filling in the subscription form: http://www.sdvchasse.utwente.nl/vereniging/lid-worden/become-a-member/ After you’ve subscribed here, you can log in to our website with your student number and password. If this doesn’t work properly or if you’re an external member (You don’t have a Union Card, but a Campus Card) please contact the board of S.D.V. Chassé.

After you’ve filled in the subscription form you also need to fill in an authorisation form to pay the contribution and optionally other costs like the Chassé T-shirt, other accessories and activities. You can ask someone from the board (personally or mail to bestuur@sdvchasse.utwente.nl) for an authorisation form. Once you’ve filled in this form you can hand it to Miriam van der Hoek, the treasurer of S.D.V. Chassé.

Because we’re an association of the University of Twente that is part of the Student Union our members are obligated to purchase a UnionCard or CampusCard and association charge. To do this you can log in on dms.utwente.nl. If you’re a student at the University of Twente you can log in with your student number and password with the orange button. To purchase a UnionCard you can follow the following steps:

  • Go to What’s on offer, which you can find in the top-right corner.
  • Find UnionCard beneath Memberships and click add.
  • Go to the shopping cart in the top right corner and walk through the paying process.

Attention! Students from Saxion can purchase a UnionCard at the reception of Saxion, there you will also get details to log in to DMS. As external member (no student of Saxion, ArtEZ or University of Twente)you can purchase a UnionCard at the reception of the UT-Sport . There you will also get details to log in to DMS centre For more information see: unioncard.nl

After you have purchased a UnionCard or CampusCard log in to dms.utwente.nl.

  • Sign in with your student number/username and password. If you are a University of Twente student you can log in via the orange button, otherwise you can use the blue button.
  • Secondly you can click on your own name in the right top corner of the screen.
  • Now you can go to the tab that says associations.
  • You can choose S.D.V. Chassé in the roll-out menu.
  • Click safe. If everything went right you will now get an e-mail with a confirmation of your subscription.
  • The board will now accept you and you will receive a link in an e-mail. When you follow this link you can pay the association charge. You can do this by adding the association charge for S.D.V. Chassé to your online shopping card and paying.
  • If this doesn’t work you can go to what’s on offer and choose S.D.V. Chassé in the roll-out menu underneath select organization.