Members must pay the following contribution to the association. There us two types of contributions depending on whether barshifts will be done or not.
Members who will be doing a minimum of 2 barshifts will have to pay:
Whole year € 35,-
Half year € 21,-

Members who will not do barshifts will have to pay:

Whole year € 50,-
Half year € 30,-

For more information on barhifts, please follow this link: Barshifts

Union Card & Association Fee

Members need to possess a Union Card in order to join the association. In addition to that, an association fee needs to be paid in DMS.

Whole year Union Card € 60,-
Half year Union Card € 35,-
Whole year association fee € 28,50
Half year association fee € 17,-

CampusCard (Saxion students)

Applied Science (Saxion) students cannot use the UnionCard but have to buy a CampusCard instead.

Whole year Campus Card € 100,-
Half year Campus Card € 60,-
Whole year association fee € 60,-
Half year association fee € 33,-

These numbers are valid conditionally, for the period of 2021/2022. For more information, please visit the website of the Student Union: