Members must pay the following contribution to the association. Mind that the contribution will be different depending on which group you are in. There will be extra dance lessons every module for which group 3 and 4 will get more time than group 1 and 2.

Group 1 & 2 

Whole year € 35,-
Half year € 21,-

Group 3 & 4

Whole year € 37,-
Half year € 22,-

Union Card & Association Fee

Members need to possess a Union Card in order to join the association. In addition to that, an association fee needs to be paid in DMS. 

Whole year Union Card € 50,-
Half year Union Card € 30,-
Whole year association fee € 22,50
Half year association fee € 14,-

CampusCard (Saxion students)

Applied Science (Saxion) students cannot use the UnionCard but have to buy a CampusCard instead. 

Whole year Campus Card € 100,-
Half year Campus Card € 60,-
Whole year association fee € 60,-
Half year association fee € 33,-

These numbers are valid conditionally, for the period of 2019/2020. For more information, please visit the website of the Student Union: