Hello everybody, welcome to the teacher's page of Chassé!
My name is Carmen Leusink and I’m the teacher of Chassé since January 2021.

As soon as I was able to walk, I started dancing. I went to a musical with my mother and sister and I was obsessed! The combination of singing, dancing, and acting was something that blew my mind. I convinced my mother to sign me in for ballet and after these lessons, jazz dance, musical theatre, singing lessons, and acting lessons followed up quickly.
Musical was my passion from the very beginning.

At one point, when I was 16, I made up my mind and found out that this was something that I wanted to do for the rest of my life.
I started auditioning by several musical theater pre-educations and I got into the MAF-Jongeren study in Tilburg. Every weekend, I was educated in becoming a triple-treat performer: dancer, singer, and actor. This is also where I found out that dancing is the discipline that suits me best. They recommended I audition for Lucia Marthas Institute for Performing Arts and that was the next step in my dancing journey!

At Lucia Marthas, I learned a lot of different dancing styles, techniques, and choreographies. This study in combination with choreographing De Hengelose Revue for a few years, made me realize that I’m getting way more satisfaction out of sharing my passion and learning someone else to dance, than becoming a good dancer myself.

I’m very grateful that I can share my knowledge during the dancing lessons of Chassé. For me, it’s important that everybody feels confident while dancing and that we express this. Let’s have fun while we’re becoming better dancers! Do I see you in one of the classes? 😀