Since November 2014 our lessons are given by Melanie. Here is a piece she wrote about herself.


When I was a little girl of 3, my parents took me on a holiday to Mallorca, I really loved swimming and my mother took me to the bottom of the pool so we could wave at each other. 

I thought that was so fantastic! During that holiday I was noticed by a swimming coach cause I was expected to have a talent for swimming. After a few months of swimming classes I easily got my degrees, but I didn't want to swim anymore. I wanted to do ballet!

I started dancing at Die Danserije in Amersfoort where I danced classical ballet till I was 16. When I was 8 I joined Jazz Ballet and I quickly found out I like this dance form a lot better than classical ballet. I was allowed to dance with the ladies of the selection team very quick.

There I was, a very little girl amongst all those older ladies. We participated in competitions, demo's and we did a lot of shows in the theatre. When I was 16 I was asked to take over the little kids group from another teacher. That fit me so well! Till I was 20 I did courses at the KNGU and I followed a lot of courses on different styles of teaching. 

Skip ahead a few years and I have really figured out my own style of teaching. Young kids to older students, every group is fun and I can get energized by every level. It is amazing to see a beginner get the basic steps or see an expert perform that though move. Teaching is just so much fun!

Are you curious about dancing at the nicest dance association of the UT? Contact the board of Chassé and maybe I'll see you in class! Hopefully I'll see you soon!


Name: Melanie van Engen

Mother of: Nena, Evi, and Saar

Owner of: Kees the Cocker and Lola and Henk the cats


  • Can do an amazing Kate Bush imitation
  • Hates folding the laundry, bits of fat on meat and the sound of people filling their nails
  • Always wears green nail polish on her toe nails
  • Talks way louder than good for you. Talks all the time. And too much.
  • Sticks around with Tell Sell commercials and forgets to zap away because the Magic Bullet is just such a fascinating machine
  • Loves to cook, walk like she's on a catwalk and loading the dishwasher while dancing