General Information

What is jazz dance?

Jazz dance, also known as jazz ballet, is a broad spectrum of dance in which the basic techniques of classical ballet are combined with pop music and show elements. The movements and the music are 'jazzy', meaning much less strict. Jazz dance has been developing and extending itself for years, one can always try to add dance moves to the existing selection in order to create even more unique dances. It is a style with different varieties and is focused on the free movement of the body.

The accurate origin of the emergence of jazz dance is a great mystery for many. It is estimated that it started around the 60s/70s as a separation from classical ballet on modern music movements.

If you really want to know what jazz dance is, you should come to our classes to see it for yourself!

History of Chassé

18th of September 2009

S.D.V. Chassé is officially founded by the mothers of Chassé: Serena, Haske, Evy and Renske. They all missed something very important in the range of sport and culture associations of the University of Twente: jazz dance! The honor and pleasure of teaching the first members of Chassé was given to Tyrza. she started the classes and has contributed to the association for many years.

18th of September 2009

Committees were founded, such as the committee for activities and the committee of finance.

7th of October 2010

The second year of Chassé the show committee was founded and with it the tradition of the final performance.

10th of October 2011

In the third year of Chassé the promotion committee and the instruction committee were founded.

18th of September 2014

In September 2014, Chassé celebrated her fifth anniversary and with that her first lustrum. The lustrum was a tremendous success with extra dance classes, a party in 't Bölke, a champagne class and finally a camp.

8th of October 2015

In October 2015, a very important member joined Chassé: Flamboyant. Our feathery friend was born on the 8th of October and now joins us in all our activities.

Also the camp committee was founded.

14th of June 2016

The chick-in committee was founded. They will arrange everything for during the kick-in.

3rd of April 2017

The communication committee was founded. This committee makes sure that the ambience in the groups are good.