Activity Committee

The Activity Committee organises monthly activities for all members, including a cocktail workshop, the Sinterklaas/Christmas activity, the Chassé dinner and the end-of-the-year barbecue.

Weekend Committee

The Weekend Committee will organise the Chassé weekend. Since the Chassé weekend is a new concept the goal for the committee is to think of a basic outline of the weekend for the upcoming years.

Communication Committee

The Communication Committee consists of one member from each of the four groups and intends to communicate any problems that might exist within a group to the board. These problems could be for example about the dances, the board, the teacher, or within the group. This way, each group has a group and is heard.

Financial Auditing Committee

The Financial Auditing Committee is an independent organ checking the work of the treasurer. This committee makes sure that Chassé will stay financially healthy and that good choices are made regarding the income and expenses.

Instruction Committee

The Instruction Committee does several things. Firstly, when the dance teacher is sick or otherwise unable to give the lesson, the InstrucCie will take over so that the lesson can take place after all. Next to this, the InstrucCie also gives workshops to any external parties.

Promotion Committee

The Promotion Committee arranges all the promotion, including the flyers and stickers for the open lessons and the final show. Next to that, the Promotion Committee focuses on one project every year, such as making a promotion video. They also take care of everything revolving around the Kick-In, for example, the promotion and organisation of activities for the kiddos and the do-group in case Chassé has one.

Show Committee

Every year the Show Committee is busy organising the final performance of Chassé so that audience can fully enjoy it. The members of this committee brainstorm about the topic of the performance, write a script with the chosen theme and make sure that the music, choreographies, clothes, make up, and stage decoration match this theme.

New Dance Teacher Advisory Panel

The focus of this Panel will be to find candidates for the function of our new dance teacher, as our current teacher Carmen will probably stay for one year. Together with the board, the panel will decide who the new dance teacher for S.D.V Chassé will be.