It is very important that there is good communication between the board and the members within Chassé! Therefore Chassé has a communication committee, the ComCom. The ComCom consists of one member from each group and intends to communicate any problems that might exist within a group to the board. These problems could be for example about the dances, the board, the teacher, or within the group. So don’t hesitate to contact a ComCom member when you are struggling with something.

Meet the ComCom members:

Group 1: Sara

Hello all! My name is Sara and I’m in the last part of my PhD in mechanical engineering. This is my third year on Chassé and the last one I did board as Secretary. If you want to talk or something is not feeling right, let me know, I’ll hear you and I’ll try my best to help :)))

Group 2: Marel

Hi everyone! I am Marel, the ComCom member for group 2. I am in my third year at Applied Physics right now and in my free time I enjoy watching movies, sewing and hanging out with friends. But of course I also enjoy dancing: this is now my second year at Chassé and I have loved it here so far!

Group 3: Michelle

Hi everyone! I’m Michelle, a 27 (aii) year old Computer Science master student (with a bachelor’s in Industrial Design Engineering), and I’ve been dancing at Chassé for almost 4,5 years now 😀 I never really danced before that and just joined an open lesson for fun, but then liked the vibes of Chassé so much that I decided to become a member, and well.. here we are a few years later and dancing has really become a part of me! Besides dancing, I love to sing, do crafts-type-things and watch a lot of movies and tv series.

Group 4: Selena

My name is Selena, I am twenty-two years old, and I am in my third year of the bachelor Technical Medicine. I started jazz ballet when I was sixteen years old, and I’ve been dancing with Chassé in group 4 since last year. Besides jazz dance I also do ballroom dancing, Pilates, boxing, and Zumba. Furthermore, I like healthy cooking, I like to take long walks in nature when it is less cold than now and I like to travel around the world. I hope this year will be a fun and ‘gezellig’ year in which we can dance a lot. Lot’s of love Selena