After about 3 months of online dance lessons, we are finally back with physical classes on campus. Following a protocol approved by the University, we will have weekly outside dance lessons on the Verreveld given by our teacher Mel, starting on Wednesday the 17th of June.


The protocol was sent via email and needs to be read and adhered to by all members. It can also be found on this website under >MEMBER >Important links. If you want to attend a lesson, you need to sign up for it via the website. This is necessary so that there can be contact research in the case of a corona-virus infection. The deadline for signing up for each class is Tuesday at 23:59. Please note that you must sign up every week.

New members

We have already received messages from people who are interested in joining Chassé. Due to the current circumstances, it is unfortunately not possible to join Chassé if you are not already a member. However, we hope that we will be seeing you at our open lessons in September/October 2020 (provided that these will take place). In any case, we will keep you up to date. If you are interested or have any questions, you can already send us an email to and we will be happy to answer.

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